Best Password Manager

Best Password Manager 1.00

Passwords manager with Blowfish encryption technology

This secure passwords keeper specially created to systematize and to store your logins, passwords, access codes, etc securely.

With Best Password Manager you can:

  • Create cards that store your logins or passwords and organise them into folders. You can move or drag-and-drop all your cards to any place you want
  • Search for the card to find the information you need fast
  • Secure all your data. Just set up a password in the application and the PasswordMan will encrypt all your data and ask for the password when you or someone else tries to access it
  • Export and back up your data. Just export your data to a text file transferable to PC. You can view or edit file on PC in Notepad, Excel or in any other text editor and transfer the file back to the device to import it to the application

Best Password Manager


Best Password Manager 1.00

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  • markzenegar

    by markzenegar

    "Kaspersky Password Manager"

    Kaspersky Password Manager is an indispensable tool for the active Internet user. It fully automates the process of ent... More.

    reviewed on December 4, 2009